~ An Hour With You~

You crucify me with silence,
Breathing in the filth of others.
I can say nothing…nothing that matters,
Nothing, to stop the vile,
Laid in a cup for you to drown in,
Supplicating to suffocate tomorrow.

Yet…you partake of the poison,
Though, I beg you not to.
Retraining emotion to block all.
You pound the nails in…one by one.
Never once turning to see,
The tears raining upon me.

No longer safe from pain,
I clutch onto my salvation.
My faith garnished with memories,
Unwilling to let go of thine belief.

Freely I give thee the antidote,
Watching as it drips from my veins,
Creating a band of red beads,
To protect the dreams,
Arising tomorrow.









Music: "Dreams"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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