~ An Hour With You~


Peter stood warming his hands by the fire,
And as the flames danced higher and higher,
His mind went back to another day,
When Jesus had first passed by his way!

You see, Peter, Andrew, James and John, all four,
Were plying their trade as fishermen,
Off Galilee's shore!

Then, Jesus came by and set their hearts aflame,
And from that very day,
They were never the same !

They were present when Jesus healed the sick,
And raised the dead,
And fed the multitude with five fishes,
And two loaves of bread!

They saw Him perform many such miracles,
In three and a half years,
And He was always there to encourage them,
And calm all their fears!

But, Jesus kept talking about being crucified.
So, Peter rebuked Jesus after taking Him aside!
However, when Jesus recognized someone,
Peter couldn't see,
With authority He said,
"Satan, get thee behind Me!"

Before going to Gethsemane,
Jesus gave Peter this advice,
"Before the cock crows twice,”
“Thou shall deny me thrice!"

Later Jesus was betrayed,
By Judas, one of His own.
He stood before Caiphas, the high priest,
Forsaken and alone!

As Peter was standing by the fire,
A maid said, "I know thee!"
"Thou also was with Jesus of Galilee!"
This statement Peter was quick to deny.

But, then another young maid came by!
She too recognized Peter,
In just a short time span!

However, Peter declared,
"I know not the man!"
Then some folks nearby said,
"It's plain to see,"
"You're one of them,”
“For thy speech betrayeth thee!"

In response to their statement,
Peter began to swear,
Saying, "I know not the man,"
To those standing there!

But, his heart quickly melted like thawing ice,
As he recalled the words,
"Thou shall deny Me thrice!"

Peter began weeping bitterly and swiftly went,
To find a place so he could repent!
And there's good news Friend!

All was not lost!
For Peter was "the Featured preacher,"
On the Day of Pentecost!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007

1. [30] And Jesus saith unto him, Verily I say unto thee,
That this day, even in this night, before the cock crow twice,
thou shalt deny me thrice.

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Music: "It Happened On Pentecost"

Words And Music By Larry A. Hamblen©
Hamblen & Hamblen Music©
Used With Permission

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