~ An Hour With You~

Trying to recall simple things,
I sit in my world of loneliness,
My life is a void without memory,
Lack of knowledge brings distress.

I see many familiar faces,
Yet they are only strangers,
Sons, daughters, a loving mate,
Not knowing brings deep anger.

I was once happy, full of life,
Not the empty shell you see,
I have become like a child,
Dependent, Iím no longer free.

My every move is monitored,
Must not let me out the door,
To wander off disoriented,
It's happened many times before.

I eat when it is placed before me,
Like a child I make such a mess,
You look at me in sadness,
I have no thoughts to express.

I can't remember nature's call,
I create more work for you,
I wish I knew who you are,
You are kind and gentle too.

I can't be trusted to be left alone,
You must always carry me along,
To do a chore takes twice the time,
Yet you say together we belong.

In the darkness I hear you cry,
Today I called you by your name,
Tomorrow I may be lost again,
Alzheimer's is a no win game.

Gayle Davis©
14 April 2007

Dedicated to all victims of Alzheimer's Disease
And the families that become 24 hour caregivers.
Our prayers are with you each day.







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Used With Permission

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