~ An Hour With You~

I awoke this morning,
And looked all around,
Where once there was laughter,
I could hear not a sound.

Not a bird was singing,
Or the sound of life,
The silence was thick,
And cut like a knife.

I felt so alone,
As never before,
As I got from my bed,
And opened my door.

At last I realized,
I noticed the signs,
Jesus was here,
I am left behind.

I fell to my knees,
And cried out His name,
But my tears were useless,
And all in vain.

My chances were over,
I waited too long,
What could I do,
Jesus was gone.

My soul is lost,
Against my will,
I am lost in eternity,
And headed for hell.

I hung my head,
And cried in shame,
It is now too late,
And I am to blame.

Dear Lord, I cried,
Then let out a scream,
I opened my eyes,
It was all a dream.

Tears trickled down,
And covered my face,
I still had time,
To be saved by grace.

I looked to heaven
Then fell to the floor.
Please, Lord, forgive;
I will sin no more.

Whatever time is left,
I will spend it serving You,
And give You praise and glory,
Thatís long been overdue.

©Ann Hart
Copyright Sept. 12, 1995



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Poser doll's from Marsha's Graphics

Music: "More, More Like You "

Words and music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Hamblen & Hamblen Music© 2004
Used With Permission

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