~ An Hour With You~

A Rose From Him

I hold a rose from you,
Given as you walk away,
What happened to our love,
It seemed perfect in every way.

Carelessly I pricked my finger,
Upon a thorn on the stem,
Reminding me of the pain felt,
From a love tho' now condemned.

The tears rolled down my face,
As you turned and walked from me,
I felt so empty inside,
How could this possibly be?

We vowed before God and man,
Our love to cherish forever,
I never dreamed that our love,
One day you would cruelly sever.

The rose is beautiful as was our love,
But it will surely wilt and die,
Without care it cannot sustain a life,
My life stopped when you said goodbye.

Oh rose of love quickly return to me,
Bring back the happiness we have known,
Without you there is nothing to dream of,
No light of sweet love to lead me on.

Gayle Davis
01 May 2007

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"A Rose from Him" and Graphic Set © Designer Lady
"A Rose from Him" © Designer Lady
This image was done in Bryce and DAZ Studio

Music: "Regrets"

Original MIDI Tunes Of
Copyright İMarc Krisnanto
Used With Permission

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