~ An Hour With You~

A rainbow with colors of every hue,
Stretched across the sky so blue,
A masterpiece of God's work up high.
As white puffy clouds float slowly by.

Blue birds sing happily in the trees,
Flowers freely give nectar to the bees,
Sweet honey in gratitude comes to be,
God watches over all as you can see.

Moonlight at the end of every day,
Shines brightly to enlighten our way,
Millions of stars twinkling as if to say,
God's many mansions are here to stay.

God made the earth and heavens too,
Placing on them great wonders for you,
He made all things in a very special way,
Sending His Promise of Love every day.

When I see a rainbow in the sky above,
I know in my heart it is God's Love,
Bringing to man a promise made true,
Stretched as an arch in the sky so blue.

Mary Jane Balthazar ©


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Music: "Amazing Grace"

Music© (Ton) Antheunisse
 Performance By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission

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