~ An Hour With You~

Ah, marriage such wedded bliss.
Sacred vows taken are sealed with a kiss.
Soul joins soul and heart joins heart.
God has joined together let not man put apart.

Each past is forgotten. Forsake all others.
This even includes father and mother.
Yes, young man, cling to your wife.
Love, honor, and cherish the rest of your life.

Try not to speak an unkind word.
Even though you're the Head she needs to be heard.
If at times discussions get sorta' heated,
An "I'm sorry and I love you" are all that's needed.

My dear young lady, stand by your man.
Love, honor, and obey. 'Tis our God's plan.
Neither partner should let foolish pride,
Cause a schism, sever, or divide.

Consider one another when making plans.
Spend time together as oft as you can.
Serve God together. It's the only way to live.
Remember that marriage is take and give.

Pray for each other right from the start .
God instituted marriage. It's a matter of heart.
Send her flowers on special days.
Her face will light up at the sight of a bouquet.

Give him a card with special lines,
Of well written verses. His face will shine.
Compliment each other. It's easy to do.
She will love it and so will you.

When children come and life gets busy.
Sometime things get “in a tizzy.”
Then, stand together and love will grow stronger.
Pray harder and hold on a little longer.

Tell your children that you love them so.
Train up a child in the way he should go.
Show them how to give Jesus their heart.
When they get older, they will not depart.

Soon the children will be “leavin' the nest."
When they marry, wish them God's best.
Grandchildren are great! Ask one who knows.
Love for them just grows and grows.

Never be too busy to hold his hand,
And whisper "sweet nothings" to your "special" man.
Make her feel important, this woman called wife.
Show her she's the only love in your life.

Grow older together. Remember your duty.
In sickness and health in frailty and beauty.
Love is tender, considerate, and kind.
It just grows stronger as each hill you climb.

When it comes time for one of you to leave.
To cross over "Jordan" the other will grieve.
But, on fairer shores that loved one will wait,
For the other to come and enter Heaven's gate.
Then, hand in hand they will sweet Heaven view,
And never, never, have to say adieu!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007


Music: "God, A Woman, and A Man"

Earnest And Roline Ministries
Performed By: CatHands
Used With Permission

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