~ An Hour With You~


It is God's perfect will,
That we instill,
Love for Him in each child's heart!

Ah, there's a definite need,
For sowing seed.
Early in life is when it must start!

'Tis their God given right,
To receive the necessary insight,
To help them spiritually grow!

But, if we are to succeed,
The Bible we must read.
For the Scriptures we must know!

A young mind, like a well tended field,
Will produce a bountiful yield,
If sown with the proper grain!

And precious truth,
Sown in one's youth,
Is easier to retain!

Yes, the commission is great!
So, before it's too late,
Let us fervently pray,
That with help from God above,
And patience seasoned with love,
We can lead them in the right way!

Robert F. Dotson 2007





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Music: "The Need To Know"
Grace Street Music
Words By: Melissa Mooneyham
Music By: Richard Blauvelt
Used with permission