"Just plant me here in the place of my birth,"
Said the old time Preacher man!
"Let my body slowly rejoin the Earth,"
"'Tis God's unique recycling plan!"

"But, know ye that when all is said and done,"
"My soul will have taken it's flight,"
And I'll be rejoicing with God's Son,"
"In that beautiful City of Light!"

"You see, I'm a child of a Heavenly King,"
Having been adopted through God's Grace!"
"I'm going where Heavenly Angels sing,"
"In that wonderful, marvelous place!"

"Oh, what's that sounding on my ear?"
Voices fill the heavenly dome!
"I know for certain I can hear,"
"Angels singing, welcome home!"

"So friend, don't weep for me,"
"Just remember where I've gone!"
"That Celestial City you too shall see,
If you'll just journey on!

Robert F. Dotson 2011

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Music: "Home"

Sequenced By: Robert Jones
Used With Permission

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