Love is a Mother cuddling a little girl or boy!
Is there any clearer picture of sheer joy?
Love is a little boy with his puppy friend,
Comin' home from roamin' the fields at days end!

Love is a little girl with her dollies having an afternoon tea,
Or being read a book while sittin' on her Grandpa's knee!
Love is a Father and his young son,
Rollin' in the grass and havin' fun!

Love is a young lady giving her Grandma a hand,
While receiving answers to questions she doesn't understand!
Love is never looking for the faults of others,
And praying for our sisters and brothers!

Love is doing good to all men,
Not just to our family and kin!
Yes, love is "going the extra mile,"
And not complaining all the while!

Love is a man "taking a wife,"
And loving her for the rest of his life!
Friend, there is no greater natural love on Earth,
Than a Mother being near death during childbirth!

Love is a grandchild! What a joy!
It doesn't matter if they're a girl or boy!
Love is working together to make a marriage last,
And being amazed at how time went by so fast!

Love is following a casket that "last mile,"
And though the tears are falling managing a smile!
Love is carrying their memory inside your heart,
And longing for the day when you'll never part!

Ah, love is originally from God above!
Friend, according to the Bible, "God is love!"

Robert F. Dotson © 2010









Top image ©Debbies Collection


Music: "Endless Love"

"Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Used With Permission

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