He is my Faith, my Hope,
The Ruler of my Life,
He Is Everlasting, He Is God,
He Is the Beginning and the End,
He Is my Rock of Ages,
He Is Lord!

His Ways are right, and His Words are forever,
He Is Prince of Peace the Light of the World,
His bond is eternal Love,
He Is my Guide, and Comforter now and forever,
He was sent down from Heaven Above,
He Is Lord!

When I am at my weakest He is stronger,
He forgives me when I fail Him,
And gives me courage to go on,
When I am hurt He heals me,
He will never mislead me,
He Is Lord!

He was persecuted and bought freedom,
He died to bring Eternal Life,
He Is raised from the dead,
He Is Alive,
The Ruler of the Universe,
He Is Lord!

He Is my Savior,
He Is Love, His Way Is right
He always has and always will be,
Worthy of our Honor and Love!
His burden Is light,
For He Is Lord!

His goal for us is abundant Life,
He will never forsake us,
He is gentle, kind and true,
He is the answer to our problems,
God Is faithful, He Is in control,
He Is Lord!

©Judy Knight
April 3, 2011


Music: "No Greater Love"

© 2000 Jimmy Mac Music
Used With Permission

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