Winter covered our small "almost heaven" town
In a blanket of pure white sleep.
From December until early March
The snow lay, drifted and deep.

Our world became smaller, all closed in.
Counting snowflakes filled our days.
Warmth and comfort food were what we craved.
Snow fell down deep, all around it lay.

Silence held through long, dark days,
The birds crowded the feeders, but not to sing.
Snow fell; in our houses we'd dwell,
With all hearts yearning for Spring.

Then one day there came a break.
The glorious sun did shine!
There was much blinking in this new light
For which every heart had pined.

Dripping could be heard from each house roof.
Icicles broke and fell.
People began to leave their homes.
There was just so much to tell!

Then one day a clear call was heard,
The Robin trilled his notes of song.
He seemed to signal the beginning of Spring
After a Winter that lasted so long.

The snow is gone, the rains have come.
There are fresh sights, wonderful scents in the air.
As we all rejoice the end of a dreary Winter,
And sing of Spring so wondrous and fair.

Jane Ellen Slone 
March 12, 2010

Photo by Suvro Khan Sapphire Designs

Music: "Unexpected Song"

Used With Permission

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