Father It's me again, just can't help myself,
I seem to always have your line tied up,
But your the one I come too,
When life becomes too much.

I do get sort of lonesome,
When the sun starts sinking down.
I miss my mate of many years,
Since he can't be around.

He's not doing too good Lord,
But You know all of that.
But sometimes it just helps,
To talk and get it out.

I'm not complaining Lord,
You've been so good to us.
We've had many years together,
And they have been the best.

Fishing when we weren't working in the garden,
Or mowing in the yard,
We use to pull those old big crappie out,
And Lord fishing can become a little hard.

I talk to him about our fishing trips,
Though he doesn't now remember,
He'll smile as though he knows my name,
My face is his only memory.

But that's ok if he doesn't remember,
A name is just a name.
But he still knows who I am,
When I come around.

His hugs are still the same,
He's sweet as apple pie,
I let him tell about his day,
While I just sit and smile.

His world is not as it use to be,
But his love is just the same.
It doesn't change a thing,
Not remembering my name.

His appetite is not so good,
He's weaker day by day,
But the smile he always had,
Has never gone away.

I've never seen anyone he didn't care for,
Everyone's his friend,
He's the same to all he meets,
And will be to the end.

Sometime he can't think of words,
He just stares at me,
As though he wants to see,
If I understand,
What he's trying to relate to me.

He always wants to hold my hand,
And never lets me go,
That means more to them,
Than anything I know.

Love is the most important thing,
That's all they really want.
There is no need for many things,
Just prayer and lots of hope.

Faye Reyenga 3 / 1 / 2009

Music: "Jesus, What A Wonder You Are"

Words and music by: Dave Bolton
Musician: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission

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