It all comes down to this my friend
Who really matters most?
Is it on God that we depend?
His Son and Holy Ghost?

Or do we think that we know best?
And proudly pick and choose
And then complain when weíre not blessed
Or when we fail or lose

God says Heíll give us what we need
Not always what we want
But we must let Him guide and lead
On this our Earthly jaunt

We must give up what we hold dear
Our power and our pride
And most of all, that thing called fear
That makes us run and hide

We must renounce all games we play
That just shut people out
Instead let Jesus have His way
That's what real love's about

If we trust God and do believe
That He is in control
Then we must never make Him grieve
While pressing to the goal

Reach out instead of shutting down
Try faith instead of doubt
Someday there is, a robe and crown
For those who take that route

Forget manís ways and go with God
He gives a brand new song
He takes a heart thatís sadly flawed
And makes it very strong

We need to look for higher ground
Where we can feed and grow
We need to be where peace is found
And joy and blessings flow

Godís word is truth and truth sets free
By it we live or die
Weíll only get real liberty
When We His Word Apply

© Jim Lake

John 8:36 - So if the Son sets you free,
you are truly free.







Music: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

Performed By: Joy Hardin
Used With Permission

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