Drops of red spills from my heart,
burning streams run down my cheeks.
A vision appears and can’t depart,
it keeps brushing against the pain in me.

That night floats dark in front of my eyes,
leaving me breathless on my bed.
I crush my pillow, Oh, so tight.
“Please go away,” my insanity begs.

I shove my head in sheets of white,
to erase the image in front of my face.
But nothing I do or where I hide
could keep me ahead of this crucial race.

Tasting the sadness that stains my soul,
I find no gravity in this heart of mine.
I get on my knees and pray the Lord
for this painful vision to go out of sight.

The sun arises to caress the sky,
yet I’m still trapped in this vision of pain.
I wrestle to win at least this time,
but my effort is worthless and in vain.

©Carmen (BabyPoet) Ramirez
© Copyright, October 01, 2003
All Rights Reserved

Midi playing "Longing"
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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