Our lives were not meant to be,
Lived alone and yet here I rest,
By choice in a tranquil garden,
Of God waiting with my request.

Alone and unhappy, wistful,
With a longing to just belong,
I'd love united in marriage,
To a God-given love lifelong.

I am plagued by many questions,
Everywhere I go and it's hard,
Not to become angry when I,
Don't have a love so I'm on guard.

Waiting nearly a whole lifetime,
Believing God will soon provide,
His very best without a doubt,
I'm so lost and feeling denied.

Incessant reminders present,
And continually fuel,
My longings and desires each,
Day, year by year being cruel.

I grew up expecting to one,
Day marry my true love sent by,
God maneuvering through all life's,
Challenges until now so why.

And what do I do when someday,
Takes forever literally,
Why must I wait this long when I,
See those being blessed constantly.

When morning comes I pray I've some,
Answers with more understanding,
Wondering why I must wait for,
Love, all I'm misunderstanding.

Time's past exhausting my dreams and,
Just one beautiful desire,
To be blessed with little children,
To love and hold close and inspire.

I'm only one still small voice in,
This world, frustrated and lonely,
Questioning why I've had to wait,
So long for my true love only.

Father, You know I'm unfulfilled,
In love and I need Your reply,
Because You know all things and I,
Don't understand, I don't know why.

In God's little garden near a,
Peaceful stream of serenity,
I grasp close unexpectedly,
Embracing serendipity.

© Sondra McPherson
23 February 2010




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Music: "When Morning Comes"
ARTIST: Michael Dooley
ALBUM: "Fields of Freedom"
Copyright ©Aurora Production Ltd.
Used With Permission

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