The golden glow of the evening sunset is
Displaying God's Love for another day
The shadowing of the sun as it drops below
The snow covered mountain peaks

Beautiful picture that only God can
Create and place on this spectacular display
The evening shadows are dancing with
The sun's rays as darkness they seek

This too is the image of people as
We settle into our own evening of twilight in age
The little things are not a bother for
We now see the bigger picture of life

The loved ones that surround us are
Yesterday's passion and on a memories page
Even the little ones causing trouble but
Never a heart ache or even strife

The beauty of life is now the memories that
Through yesterdays living we can glean
The images of those that have shared their
Lives with us but now are gone

Yes, their wonderful laughter tears of anger and
Their tears of joy can still be seen
In memories that are pieced together to
Make into our lives a beautiful song

When we pass beyond this river of life and
See the beautiful paradise come into view
This river of happy memories is often
Interrupted by the angry rocks in living

Where we find ourselves slipping and falling,
God picks us up making all like new
Beyond this river's crossing is that
Empty Cross of Salvation and Giving

Dale L. Neill
May 19, 2009

May we today and each day hereafter find
The time to see the empty Cross and
Its meaning as our God lifted Jesus to
His Heavenly Throne; God also lifted our sins to be
Remembered no more because of that empty Cross.


Copyright 2006 - 2007 by Worship With You.

Music: "Tuyo Soy"(I Am Yours)

English & Spanish Words, Music, and Arr. by
Lawrence Keith Holder
Copyright 1999
MIDI sequence (P) 1999 Lawrence Keith Holder
Used With Permission

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