I sit alone and wonder,
Where you are tonight,
Thoughts crowd into my mind,
I pray you are alright.

I remember the day we planned,
Our wedding step by step,
Now I sit alone and wonder do,
You wish our vows you had kept.

Thoughts of a happier time,
Deciding on the cake to make,
The rose you gave me that night,
A loving kiss we both partake.

Where goes the love you held for me,
Did it just up and fade away,
Is there still a glimmer of hope,
Together we will be someday.

Roses given with the sweetest endearment,
Melting the heart within my very soul,
Enduring love for an entire lifetime,
Vowing a love that has now grown so cold.

I wonder do you think of me now,
Has another taken my place with you,
Do you vow to love her forever,
Promise a love lasting and ever true.

I think of you often for my love is there,
Ingrained in my heart forever it seems,
Thoughts of you and me together in love,
Night after night prevalent in my dreams.

Daybreak brings reality to the front,
Washing away the remnants of sleep,
Carries along the tides of deep heartbreak.
My thoughts return; once again tears I weep.

I pray you find happiness,
For me I also pray the same,
I wish you a life of peace as,
My broken heart I try to reclaim.

Gayle Davisİ
17 July 2009







Top image a tutorial

from Anny's Page

Music: "Do You Believe Me Now?"

Sequenced By Ron Tilden
Used With Permission

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