Those were the days,
Way back when,
Life was hard yet,
I loved it then.

You could fill the tank of,
Your big family car,
Fifteen cents a gallon,
When there's a gas war. 

Pull up to the tanks,
Fill'er to the brim,
Wash the window,
Check the oil, Slim.

Attendant on duty,
Saw to your needs,
People back then,
Were a special breed.

Pops were a nickel,
Chilled in an Ice Machine,
Outside the store,
Near the Kerosene.

Neighbors would visit,
Sit around talking inside,
Some played checkers,
Others watched from the side.

Been baling hay most of the day,
Stacks dried out real good,
Sun's been hot and the days long,
They've dried just like they should.

Saved a few bags for seed,
Best way to ensure your next planting,
We'll have a peanut shelling, syrup making,
While the ladies do some canning.

Young'uns can boil peanuts and,
Help to strip the sugar cane blades,
They can have a special treat,
Pull Taffy needs to be made. 

See y'all at Church this coming Sunday,
A special group is coming to sing,
Homecoming dinner on the ground,
Remind the wife good food to bring.

Better mosey on outta here,
Maw has supper 'bout done,
Won't be long till bed time,
Gotta get up with the sun.

Gayle Davis©
4 March 2010

Image © Jerry E. SheltonSapphire Designs

Music: "Darktown Strutter's Ball"

Used With Permission

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