God opened the windows of Heaven,
And He let the Blessings fall,
As we cried unto His Holy Name,
It was the best you ever saw.

So many people were hurting,
And they called upon His Name,
So He opened up the doors of Mercy,
And touched them all the same.

I thank Him for that Special Touch,
That moved my heart and soul,
And I never would exchange it,
For silver or for gold.

We need You Lord in our lives,
To make it through each day,
We need Your Love to conquer,
The storms that come our way.

Thank You our Heavenly Father,
For the Blessings that You give,
I humbly give my life to You,
As long as I shall live.

Ann Hart
December 7, 2009


Copyright 2006 - 2007 by Worship With You.

Music: "Windows Of Heaven"

Inspirational Christian Music and Hymns
Used With Permission