The shutters are slowly closing,
Barring from anyone's view,
The anguish of an aching heart,
Broken by the actions of you.

The window of my soul was clear,
Love brought happiness abundant,
A light ever brightly shining,
Extinguished by hurts redundant.

Joyful living stealthy taken away,
Replaced with dread and sadness,
A heart once so alive with hope,
Withers inside with emptiness.

The window of my soul,
Clouds with agonizing tears,
Shattered by the force of,
Betrayal and new found fears.

Darkness overwhelms me,
I welcome an end to the day,
Tomorrow I can't face,
My will has faded away.

The shutters have tightly closed,
Upon the window to my soul,
There is no flame burning,
A heart is left alone and cold.

Written by Request
Gayle Davis©
09 May 2009



Music: "Mini-46"

Midi BGM © Composed By Cosmos
Cosmo Midi Exhibition
Used With Permission

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