Life sometimes is not that easy,
It leaves you with a frown,
Burdens come in many ways,
To crush our spirits down.

Our laughter turns so quick,
Our hearts become so sad,
It makes us wonder, again,
Why things are always bad.

There are valleys as well as mountains,
But remember God is always near,
There is not a valley big enough,
That He canít meet you there.

It's not so bad in the valley below,
When you know youíre not alone,
Thereís Someone there to guide you,
And bring you safely home.

Are you down in a valley tonight,
With your guilt and many fears,
God will come down with you,
And help you dry those tears.

© Ann Hart











Music: "He's The Master of The Universe"

©1975-1995 Jimmy Mac Music Company
Used With Permission

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