The sweetheart of The Torch Song sings her,
Love songs while she yet again,
Longs for her love as time goes by 'cause,
His whispers softly remain.

He's been gone a long time wherever,
Loves roam to find another,
After he couldn't breathe around her,
When she began to smother.

She is a lady with a crying,
Heart and soul just so lonely,
Yet she sings love songs to the many,
Crying for her one only.

She'll sing to her lost love any way,
Wanting him to just return,
To her arms turning loneliness to,
Belonging and so she'll yearn.

Most nights she sits atop a fancy,
Piano singing kiss me,
Kiss me again looking all around,
At each man ever closely.

The eyes of her soul seek a new love,
Just to respond as her tears,
Flow like a river of love hoping,
There's one to calm all her fears.

Within her soul burns past times of love,
Haunting each song that she sings,
Opening her heart's door for more hurts,
She grasps love with all it brings.

And in moments opportunity,
Stares in her eyes once again,
Still no other will ever take her,
Love's place let alone remain.

Oh with burning desire she sings,
The Torch Song for her love lost,
While she longs for another someone,
As hers no matter the cost.

©Sondra McPherson
19 April 2009


Sapphire Designs

Music: "La Vie En Rose"

Original MIDI Sequences
Of Various Styles
Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission

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