There are some tears in life you cry,
That sometimes never dry,
They form a scar inside your heart,
And like doormats they always lie.

Only you and God knows the pain,
That you live with day by day,
Only God can comfort you,
And help you on your way.

Some donít seem to understand,
So you keep it all inside,
And cry yourself to sleep at times,
And the tears you always hide.

It makes you wonder about it all,
And why life is sometimes bad,
You trust the wrong and not the right,
And then you feel so mad.

Thatís when Jesus steps on the scene,
To turn it all around,
He will dry those falling teardrops,
And wipe away the frown.

Heís the best friend you can asked for,
In this awful world of sin,
So wonít you open up your heart,
And let the Savior in?

©Ann Hart
August 15, 2009




Music: "Tears Will Never Stain"

Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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