Oh Grandma tell me again,
The story of Jesus' Birth,
How He was born in a stable,
Right here on this very Earth.

I wish I could have been there,
I would have walked miles to see,
The sweetest little Baby ever and,
The name Jesus was chosen to be.

Grandma did you know the men,
That traveled so many miles,
Just to look upon the Baby born,
Did they cry or give a smile?

Oh Grandma I would have loved,
To see the Son of God as a Baby,
The star that shown so brightly,
I bet it shined like the sun maybe.

It had to be a beautiful sight,
The animals gathered around,
Shepherds and Wise men with,
The love of God reaching the ground.

My heart beats so fast to think,
He loved me enough to come,
Here to Earth to live and die,
So I could have a heavenly home.

Grandma why do tears come in your eyes,
When I talk about a heavenly home,
I know you miss Grandpa since he left,
You feel just so lost and alone.

I love you so much Grandma,
You are always here for me,
The days are brighter with you,
My heart warms when you I see.

Tell me more about Jesus' birth,
How the world waited for Him to come,
The angels singing in the skies and,
The little boy that played the drum.

Sorry Grandma, I thought he was there too,
I get confused sometimes at all the things,
Rolled into the present Christmas scene,
Yet I give praise to our Lord when we sing.

You like to hear me sing Grandma,
Away in a Manger I can do,
I learned all the words at Church,
I'll sing it for you too.

Grandma, read to me the Bible,
The story of our sweet baby Boy,
How He loves us even today and,
His name brings us great joy.

I love the story of the Birth,
You read the Bible so sweetly,
The love you speak of when reading,
Fills my heart completely.

Merry Christmas Grandma,
I love your reading to me,
I want to hear this story again,
Me and brother both agree.

Gayle Davisİ
13, December 2009




Top Image is a tube from Creators Corner

Music: "What Child Is This?"

Sequenced By: Bob Barnes
Used With Permission

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