Itís Time To Leave My Comfort Zone
Where folks agree with me
And go where seeds have not been sown
To Set Some People Free

To Recognize What Can Be Done
And step up to the task
And reach the people one by one
With Questions They All Ask

Why Are We Here, They Often Say?
What is life all about?
Why is there pain and grief today?
How Do I Deal With Doubt?

Why Do The Bad Folks Often Win?
And good folks come up short?
Will folks one day be judged for sin?
In Godís Eternal Court?

Why Is There War And Great Unrest?
Why canít we get along?
Does life bring questions and a test?
Of What Is Right And Wrong?

For Fear And Doubt And Wrongful Things
Will Flee When Faith Appears
And Trust And Hope And Love Now Brings
New Music To Our Ears

But You Might Say, Itís Not That Clear
At times thereís still some doubt
But Love, my friend will conquer fear
And All Things Will Work Out

All Things Will Work For Good To Those
Who Love And Serve The Lord
For where He goes, His Spirit flows
Thereís Peace And Great Reward

Great Leaders Do Not Have The Plan
That Covers You And Me
Itís Found In Christ, The Son Of Man
The Son Shall Set You Free !!!

© Jim Lake





Tubes In top image from dieterundmarion

Music: "Fill Me Now"

Inspirational Christian Music and Hymns
Used With Permission

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