Today God came to enjoy the flowers, In the garden of my soul! He arrived quite unexpectedly. And the joy bells began to toll! My garden needs lots of attention! Everything must be just right! Each plant must be in its place, And pleasing to the Master's sight! Friend, quite often I must work in my garden, Weeding out each row! For, if I'm not very careful, Roots of bitterness there will grow! Old satan would love to sow, Here and there a tare. If I get a little lax, my Friend, He'll catch me unaware! I must visit my garden daily, And water it with my tears, And, tend each precious plant, I've planted there over the years! In the center of my garden, Are beautiful flowers of praise! Friend, as the "Rose of Sharon" passes by, Their faces are upraised! In another part of my garden, Are lovely flowers of prayerl They give off a pleasant aroma, As my Saviour enters there! He pauses for several moments, Enjoying the sweet smelling savor! Then, He smiles tenderly showing me, I've gained His favor! Nearby are flowers of worship, In beautiful full bloom! If given the utmost tender care, They will dispel fear and gloom! I've also sown seeds of kindness, That will become flowers of love! Without them I'd be undeserving, Of a visit from God above! "The Lily of the Valley" seems so "at home," In my garden of flowers! So, I secretly wish within my heart, He will stay for several hours! But, He leaves very suddenly, As He touches my eager heart! Oh, I long for the day He will return again, Never more to depart! Robert F. Dotson 2007 E-mail Website


Image used with permission from Greg Olsen Art Publishing, Inc
Suzans Treasure Chest Unlimited
Sapphire Designs

Music: "In My Life Be Glorified"

Inspirational Christian Music and Hymns
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