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This little country Church with an ancient pastor
who without warning up and died
Now being without a pastor to lead that flock of
about forty souls wouldn’t do

The headquarters of that Synod had this
new fire eating preacher they had not tried
He just being out of school and
was made an assistant pastor to Dr. Whoo

Now Dr. Whoo is the president of the synod
that young preacher got in the way
Dr. Whoo was going out of town and
that young preacher would have to be

The main speaker and preacher for
the Church on that up and coming Church day
Starting off he made up a band and
that Church came alive a real sight to see

The next Monday the old folks complained to
Dr. Whoo that preacher has to go
He had people dancing in the aisles
shouting and raising their hands in the air

Dr. Whoo we can’t have disturbances like
that going on around here he has to go
Off that young pastor went to that
little country Church that needed a preacher

A welcoming committee of two gave
him greetings at the old country Church door
Now Grandma Jones liked this
handsome and dashing young preacher

But, old Grandpa Jones was a little skeptical at first
he’d have to know him more
No one knew if they had any kids
they called them Grandpa or Grandma

That preacher boy ask if there were
any musicians that would play in the band a little
Immediately he was told about this fellow that
played music on a crosscut saw

Joe and his harmonica, old Roscoe plays the jug and
old Jim Bob plays the fiddle
Now we might even persuade old Clyde to come
he plays a banjo you know

It was agreed that all of the musicians were
to meet in the afternoon the following day
Everyone arrived there on time
the pastor didn’t hear music like that before

That old Church was just a shaking and a quaking as
those country folks begin to play
The following Sunday was the usual crowd and
room for a whole lot more

When the music started and the preacher preached
there was lifting of hands in the air
Dancing in the aisles, Grandma too
no one had seen that in twenty years or so

The following Wednesday service many others came and
it was hard to find a chair
It was hard to image that old Church could possibly
wake up the valley and grow

Dr. Whoo from the Synod was thinking and wondering
what was going on out there
Money was rolling in from that old country Church
like it wasn’t ever done before

So Dr. Whoo being the president and all will make
a quiet visit to that Church out there
Dr. Whoo finding a place at the back of the hall
then he heard that preacher's call

Rise and this pray our prayers to our Lord
we know that this little old Church He cares
The prayers were over that band begin to play even
Whoo’s muscles came out of stall

Leaving quickly Dr. Whoo was thinking on how
he could steal that young pastor away
Just thinking on how that young pastor could
make his own stagnate Church grow

Sometimes we tend to throw away
the best because it’s different in every way
Sometimes things are a bit different
than they look you know

©Dale L Neill
October 27, 2004


Music: "Church In The Wildwood"

Used With Permission
Harry Todd Has Passed Away.
We Miss You Harry!

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