Thank You Father, we don't need to search
For all You are, to be found,
Thank You, we but need to look-
For Your blessings, are here with us now.

Thank You, that to all, young and old
You came to show of Your worth,
Knocking e'er knocking, You want to come
To all You made on this Earth.

Thank You for bringing peace with Your passion,
To be in our heart every day,
With love, You took of our fear
To lead us Your own perfect way.

Thank You, we don't need to 'tidy up',
For being 'good', is what we, cannot do,
So with power, You took all our dross
To fill us with Your life anew.

Thank You for not rejecting our hearts-
But, for our sin You suffered and died,
And bled, for all who are seeking
Freedom from all of the 'try'.

Thank You, You can take of our lives
To heal, cleanse, recreate us as whole,
Putting Your own life within us
Restoring our perishing soul.

Thank You, in the loving You give
We're walking with You every day,
And as heaven's for those who love You
Secure in You, we will stay.

We're thanking You Lord, every moment
That You came to be 'in' us,
When we opened our heart, let You in
Receiving, all of Your love.

May God's blessing be upon us always
With all of His gifts so Divine.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Nov 2009
Poetry From The Heart

In the stillness of a lovely dawn
Though feeling quite alone...
In our heart we own
that love awaits
with so much more delight to know