My Daddy is the greatest guy,
You will ever chance to meet,
He loves us all so very much,
We just think he canít be beat.

He teaches us to say our prayers
To thank Jesus for our food,
When we are angry or sad,
Daddy says Jesus knows our mood.

He always tries to do whatís best,
For his two boys and girl,
Why my Daddy will tell you,
We three light up his world!

I see my Daddy reading his Bible,
His prayers we often hear,
Daddy cast his troubles on God,
ĎCause Dad said Heís always near.

Do you hear your Daddy pray?
Itís the sweetest sound.
I feel Jesus all about me,
In my heart He is found.

We are blessed to have a Daddy,
That loves us and the Lord,
Someone to watch out for us,
And teach the Holy Word.

Daddy does everything for us,
He never seems to mind,
Now donít you agree with us?
He is the bestest Daddy youíll find.

Happy Fatherís Day Daddy,
With you we are so blest,
We thank God each day for
Giving us the very best.

We love you Daddy!
Maggie, Evan and Ryan

Ryan & Granny©


Music: "Just For You"

©Roger Needham
Used With Permission


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