Lord, as you walked along the shores of Galilee, You healed the sick and set the captives free! With five loaves and two fishes, A hungry multitude you fed. And in the town of Nain, You raised a young man from the dead! Ten pitiful lepers came seeking you one day. They cried, “Unclean” as they met you in the way. Their lives were so broken, And they were undone. But, they were miraculously healed, By the touch of God’s own Son! My own life was shattered and lying, In pieces on the ground. I searched for happiness. But, it could not be found. I cried, “Dear Jesus" You’re a potter I have heard.” “Please mend my broken vessel.” “Dear Lord, just speak the word.” “Speak the word, Lord and set the captives free!” “The lame will walk, the dumb will talk,” “And the blinded eyes will see!” “Just speak the word, Lord,” “And healing waters flow!” “Speak the word and even death will have to go!” Robert F. Dotson © 2008 E-mail Website



Image used with permission from Greg Olsen Art Publishing, Inc

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Music: "He Speaks Peace to Me"

Words by Larry A. Hamblen
Music by Jerry D. Hamblen
Copyright © 2008 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
All Rights Reserved.
Used With Permission

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