Love is a hunger in my soul
Needing someone to hold
And return the feelings to me
That I am loved you see.

God put this longing in my heart
As a child of tender years
Lifting me up wiping away my tears
And from me it will never depart.

The longing continued to grow
Staying with me where ever I go
And in the twilight of life it lingers still
And always will.

The need for someone to hold
Was mine as a baby and I grasped a finger
Growing to include those I knew
Sustaining me all my life through.

A need to hold a lover
Who captured my heart when we met
And became his loving wife
Holding him near to my heart all my life.

To complete my need to hold someone
Came with the birth of my son.
One after the other they came
And my life was never the same.

All through life a need to hold
Reached out to friends who clasped my hand
Sharing hearts to understand
My heart was big enough
To hold them near,
Precious and dear.

Through the passing of years
To have someone to hold
Continues to fill the empty space
When loved ones slipped away
Leaving a yearning to hold once more
When we meet on heaven's shore.

Jane Ward Smith©
May 23, 2008



Midi playing "Heart to Heart"
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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