Rejoice, Oh my soul, and be glad,
For I surely have no reason to be sad!
God watches o'er me each night and day
And I'm kept securely in the Narrow Way!
I'm ever under my Heavenly Father's care!
He always helps me my burdens to bear!

I'm part of a royal priesthood,
A son of the Great I Am!
I became God's child,
Through the Blood of Calvary's Lamb!
I no longer worry over things,
That might have been.

I just put my trust in Jesus,
And turn my back on sin!
I need not fear old satan.
He lost his hold on me!
For, Jesus visited sin's prison,
And set this captive free!

I am so unworthy,
Of such tender love and care.
But, I can rest assured,
That He is always there!
My future that once looked so uncertain and dim,
Is now so very bright all because of Him!

I 'm kept from harm and danger,
With each passing day!
You see, I have a direct connection,
Every time I pray!
I have no reason to be timid,
And hide my face!

The Scripture says to come boldly,
To the Throne of Grace!
Though I may have trials,
Jesus stands by my side!
He is my "High Tower,
And a "Shelter" in which I can hide!

His strong arm of deliverance,
Has reached way down,
And, where sin was present,
Grace did much more abound!
I have a Heavenly Home,
That's long been awaiting me!

It's just over the next hill,
Beside the Crystal Sea!
I am Oh so glad,
That I made Jesus my Choice!
I will not turn back!
Rejoice, my soul, rejoice!

Robert F. Dotson 2008

Music: "In My Life Lord Be Glorified"

Inspirational Christian Music and Hymns
Used With Permission

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