Beautiful Roses and sweet flowers,
Caress everywhere sitting,
In a grand old Antique High Back Chair,
Yes for Prom Queen it's fitting.

Holding the whole world in her heart she's,
A picture of loveliness,
On Prom Night in her delicate white,
Gown with ruffles of sweetness.

Oh how grand to feel like the lovely,
Queen of Prom Night sitting here,
In the sweet splendor of flowers and,
Heavenly roses so dear.

I'm all aglow in a whirlwind of,
Sweet promise I awaken,
To on this night of excitement as,
My heart surrenders, taken.

Meeting my hopes and dreams is the boy,
I love, holding my breath while,
I flirt with the idea he'll give me,
A Promise Ring with his smile.

Together we've made promises and,
To one another we've vowed,
All future aspirations as one,
On heaven's wishes dream cloud.

Oh anticipating thrills my heart,
And thoughts of a ring's promise,
Flying all through my mind stirs up hopes,
It will come forth with his kiss.

He's touched on all cherished desires,
We're truly always dreaming,
Graduating soon then College so,
Life's sweet destiny's beaming.

Happiness tonight is reigning in,
My heart and takes over me,
Believing we have true love that takes,
Your breath away, Yes we'll be.

Here I am Prom Queen on Prom Night and,
I need my Prom King right here,
Beside me in heavenly splendor,
Forever and always near.

© Sondra McPherson
01 February 2010


















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Music: "Promise"
Artist: Marcel Joseph
"Promise" Copyright ©The Family International
Nubeat Music - Instrumental Albums
Used With Permission

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