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Winter has been harsh and cold
Confining us in its bitter clasp
But on the horizon is seen
Plants with a new coat of green
And I hear a Mourning Dove sing
As a prelude to Spring.

The Buttercup has a bud on its head.
I see a Robin's breast of red
And It seems I can almost hear a ringing bell
As Lilies of the Valley sway
From across the way
As a prelude of Spring they tell.

I hear a serenade of bird song sweet
Sharing a good morning greet
And the brightest sun ray
Signals the beginning of a new day.

The gentle shower of cleansing rain
Washes the Earth
Bringing new life to the trees
And cold winter flees
As Spring is given new birth.

I see Geese and Snow Birds in flight
Silhouetted against a sky of blue.
My heart rejoices and begins to sing
For I know it must be true
This is a prelude to Spring.

With sunshine beautiful and bright
And bird songs filling the air
Hope once again is born
As Spring time greets the morn.

©Jane Ward Smith
March 9, 2010

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Music: "Amazing Spring"

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Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
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