Life and living is of many colors as a beautiful
Patch Worked Quilt
A life to live to the fullest and be thankful for what you have

A lovely light blue for the smile that a good thought brings to you
The color of red for the angry thoughts and quickly shed
A color of black for thoughts of doing an awful job that went slack
A color of pink that brings a half smile of thoughts we think

A color of brown when we think a thought of a friend we let down
The thought of gray is rain and clouds through out the day
A thought in green is memories of a beautiful valley that we’ve seen
The color of dark blue is the happy thought of being with you

A color of gray blue is dark clouds passing, a wonderful day for you
Violet is a bouquet of flowers for our mate we often times forget
A rainbow of many colors for thoughts of Jesus and His Life He gave
To forgive us of our sins so we are no longer the devil's slave

The total of all the colors makes our lives more interesting as we live
For each and everyday we can learn and see something new
To be generous with our friendly smiles for they cost nothing to give
For all of the good things that we give will return full to you

©Dale L. Neill
March 26, 2004
















Song: "Blowing In The Wind"

Sequenced By Ginger Haydon
Ginger's Piano Place
Used With Permission

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