Divine Love's Christ's Passion for He had,
Such an Amazing Power,
To come off that cruel Cross but chose,
To give His Life that hour.

Sacrificing Himself for others,
Dying for my soul to Save,
Giving His Life for me O The Sweet,
Son of God defied the grave.

The Passion of The Christ's Love lives on,
Born as The Saviour Who'd Save,
All by leaving His Home in Heaven,
O Sweet Redeemer so Brave.

Behold God's Beloved Son paid it all,
Our Eternal Life born,
To wear a crown of thorns and die on,
The Cross rejected and scorn.

Sinless The Love of God suffered shame,
To give Redemptive Life in,
Heaven shedding His Blood profusely,
Precious Blood that washed 'way sin.

His Love Lives On for All in the world,
For ever taking away,
Sins suffering our penalty,
O Christ's Passion Lives today.

In Gethsemane's Garden He cried,
To God, "Not My Will but Thine,"
Knowing the agonies He would bear,
To make Salvation yours, mine.

The Christ's Passion was so great knowing,
His death was so near that He,
Suffered such mental anguish His sweat,
Flowed like Blood on Calvary.

Is it any wonder why Christ the,
Lord cried out in agony,
Bearing our sins, "My God, My God,
Why hast Thou Forsaken Me?"

Consider the very load of sin,
The guilt carried on that hill,
The excruciating Pain endured,
Giving His Life to fulfill.

He was wounded for all transgressions,
Bruised for iniquities thus,
We'd be forgiven having whole life,
Eternal Life, Yes for us.

To the sinner He's The Lamb of God,
To take away sin, He Is,
The Greatest Love for us and mankind,
The Risen Saviour Who Lives.

Christ's Passion is still Love, He Is Lord,
Born our Saviour Who'd Save,
Leaving Glory, all because of Love,
Our Lord defied the grave.

No One But Jesus offers complete,
Forgiveness, Life Without End,
He's your Everlasting Promise, Love,
Him, Ask Him, to take your sin.

Sondra McPherson
23 January 2010













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Music: "Eternal Beauty"

Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Copyright By: Jalal Ali
Used With Permission
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