Listen, can you hear the whinny of a mule
Tied to the hitching post under the trees
To rest and keep cool?
I think I hear the stomp of hoofs to get rid of flies
While the mules doze under clear blue skies.

We drove from all around to Church today
Here at Brushy Creek.
A real blessing it is to gather to worship God
And sing His praises as we wave our fan
Trying to keep cool if we can.

With all the kids in the wagon this Sunday morn
We drove down the dusty lane
To the House of the Lord
Where we gathered in one accord
Bowing our heads in prayer
At the appointed hour.

We sit not on padded pew
But on slat benches by hand made
Lined up in rows with two aisles
Fill the wooden Church nestled in a shaded glade
Rustic and beautiful even though simple and plain.
Light streams through clear glass pane
Not with colorful stain.

Seems I hear echoes of an earlier time
When folk gathered here to worship the Lord
With family and friend
Now that the crops are laid by.
They came to worship and give praise
For fertile soil and abundance of rain.
The fields of corn are green
Best we have ever seen
Promising a harvest in the Fall
Plentiful enough to feed us all.

Brother Smith rose to deliver a Word from the Lord.
Aunt Helen, full of the Spirit, begins to shout
And from the corner where the men sit
We hear, "Amen!"
The Holy Spirit was surely in the place
And joy shone from each saint's face.

As a lost soul knelt at the Mourners bench
With dear saints kneeling by their side
Praying for the sinner kneeling there
Salvation came as the Blood was applied
Washing away all sin
And a shout arose as a child of God was born again.

After the Service we gathered outside
To spread a meal of simple fare
On the table of boards nailed between two trees
Sharing with friends and neighbors gathered there.

Afterward we strolled through the cemetery near by
Where loved ones lay at rest
Waiting for Resurrection day.
From our eyes we wipe a misty tear
That they are no longer here
But know we will see them again
In the sweet bye and bye.

As we gather here today
We are humbled to be in this Sacred place
And seems as though we can see dear loved one's face
As we remember those days of long ago
When as a child we worshiped with them
And leave feeling blessed that it was so.

People living a simple life
Husband and wife
Teaching their children to love God
And serve Him while traveling Earthly sod
With an eternal home in Heaven some sweet day
When from the bonds of Earth they slip away.

ŠJane Ward Smith
June 11, 2009


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
- Mark Twain


Music: "Just As I Am"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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