In the long days ahead and,
The lonely night I'll spend,
I'll seek solace from You Lord,
My steadfast and constant friend.

I'm mixed up Lord Jesus,
How can I overcome this OCPD,
It's ruining my life Jesus,
It is ever terrifying to me.

Family and Friends don't understand,
I see things plain as can be yet to others,
They are totally oblivious and unreal,
To me the obsessive compulsions still bother.

It may be washing my hands,
Until they are raw and red,
Lining things up and counting,
It is a ritual I constantly dread.

I believe things that,
Others say aren't true,
The fear I feel is,
Terrifying and real too.

Recurrent unwanted thoughts,
Haunt my waking hours,
Rituals only temporarily relieve,
These ugly and fearful powers.

No matter what I do,
Life is a repetitive road,
Medicines do not seem to help,
I am burdened beneath this load.

Why Lord must I suffer this,
Disease of the mind,
It is wrecking my life Lord,
Contentment I just can't find.

I have a yearning deep within,
Normal like others I see to be,
Rid of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
Live a life without fear a prayer for me.

Written By Special Request
Gayle Davis©
12 June 2009

OCPD Obsessive-Compulsive-Personality Disorder
OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
is a type of anxiety disorder in which you
have unreasonable thoughts and fears
(obsessions) that lead you to engage in
repetitive behaviors (compulsions).
With obsessive-compulsive disorder,
you may realize that your obsessions
aren't reasonable, and you may try to
ignore them or stop them. But that only
increases your distress and anxiety.
Ultimately, you feel driven to perform
compulsive acts in an effort to ease your distress.



Graphic Design©

Music: "Only By Grace"

Sequenced By: Carmine Romano
Words and musics©Integrity's Hosanna! Music, USA
And Servizio Nazionale della Musica e del Canto, Italy.

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