April showers,
Bring May flowers,
I have often heard!
And with the arrival of Spring,

My merry heart sings,
Like a happy warbling bird!
With Winter behind,
I now can find,

Long awaited signs of living!
"Gone is the ice and snow,"
"And I'm glad to see them go,"
I can say without any misgiving!

A classroom without walls,
Once more calls,
Where nature is a capable teacher!
One now can enjoy for hours,
The beautiful flowers,
And watch God's marvelous creatures!

I love to take a look,
At a babbling brook,
Hurrying on its way o'er a hill.
And in a forest of trees,

I can feel a friendly breeze,
Come and go at its will.
With the sun going down,
I head back toward town,

With a thankful prayer in my heart!
For though this drama called life,
Has some trouble and strife,
Thank God, there's a peaceful part!

Robert F. Dotson 2009

Artwork Copyright Alan Giana
Used with permission.


Music: "Reflection in the Pond"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
Matthew J. Drollinger(1998)
Used With Permission

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