I have been in this world some time now
I have seen progress, styles, modernizing and laws change,
We had hoped to make lives better for everyone
Some we let stand others we had to re-arrange.

I was searching for true and lasting happiness.
I found it not in worldly achievements
Places, wealth or obeying the laws of the land,
But, right here with loved ones and friends and
Knowing I was safe in Godís mighty hands.

What can be greater than knowing I have a friend
That knows and cares for my every need.
Who walks with me through storms and sunshine
Through paths of darkness He will always lead?

What can be sweeter than having a spouse to share
Joys and disappointments but will never condemn.
To feel the warm embrace and gentle kiss as the
Heartaches and mess-ups of life she tries to mend?

What joy can be greater than holding my child
Near my heart snugly on my chest?
Then watching it grow into an honorable person
Giving their all, giving their best?

When I looked inside myself I found them
Located in abundance in my heart
I found success, everything up to date. Nothing to change
I found what I was searching for. I found Love, which will never part.

Shirley Oremland Smith©

Music: "God On The Mountain"

Words and Music by Tracy G. Dartt
Sequenced By David Larch
Used With Permission

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