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Lord, I’m just a mortal man,
So insignificant and small.
And though You are God Almighty,
The Maker of us all,
I can approach Your Throne of Grace,
With my petitions in my hand,
Knowing You won’t prejudge me.

You will listen and understand!
Why You would save a wretch like me,
I may never know.
You took a heart so stained with sin,
And washed it white as snow!

You found me on life’s trash heap,
And made me a vessel You could use!
Then, You gave me the great commission,
To go forth and tell the good news,
That Jesus died on Calvary’s hill,
A wicked world to set free.

And those who sit in darkness,
Through faith now can see!
Some day I’ll look upon Your Face,
And hear You say, “Well done!”
“You’ve fought the fight and kept the faith!”
“Welcome home, my Son!”

Robert F. Dotson © 2008