© Artwork by Jonathon Browser

My Loving Lord is Love that consumes,
My heart and soul as I breathe,
Him in with all of me for my life,
Is in Him and I believe.

He is so beautiful to me and,
I love Him and I'll always,
Be aware listening for His Voice,
At any time all my days.

All times the Lord's Whispers are loving,
And sweet as He cares for me,
Some times they're more powerful to move,
Me from danger quite swiftly.

Oh He's my Wonderful Lord and His,
Loving Whispers have shown me,
Where things are we've lost and He also,
Whispers Truths most patiently.

The Lord is ever with me and I'll,
Call on Him persistently,
And listen for His Whispers Yes they,
Protect me incessantly.

There have been many dire moments when,
God's angels ushered me to,
Safety as fear nearly took my breath,
Guiding me all the way through.

His Loving Whispers have saved me from,
Evil doers and death's door,
More than once and I couldn't ever,
Live without Him anymore.

I'll always hold onto my Lord's Hand,
His Unchanging Hand is there,
At all times for me and mine with Love,
Forever His Love we'll share.

Needless to say I trust in my Lord's,
Whispers having faith and trust,
In Him always for He loves me most,
So hearing Him is a must.

My Lord's Whispers reign forever in,
My heart and soul as I breathe,
Yes He loves me blessing me every day,
His Love I'll always receive.

©Sondra McPherson
03 April 2009

Music: "Yes, Jesus Loves Me v.11"

Sequenced By O. Charles Abernethy
Used With Permission

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