Does it take a mighty leap of faith
To touch that golden robe,
Does it take too many years
The Father's heart to know.

Can't I just lift my hand today
My thoughts now to His throne,
And here be blessed by glory
And know I am at home.

Why need I struggle through cold masses
And clamber to be near,
When the Saviour's within reach
To calm my every fear.

Isn't His face so bright I'll see Him
No matter where I am,
Though laying lonely in the shadows
With too much to understand.

Won't I find Him in Earth's darkness
And feel Him brushing by,
When life is just so busy
I wish that I could hide.

Would I need feel too unworthy
To look into His face,
When the reason why He died
Was to fill me with His grace.

Should I be sore afraid
To reach out for His love,
When He made me, then He died
So to Him alone, I'd come.

If He relinquished every glory
To walk here unto death,
Then how can I but touch with love
Those hands that gladly bled.

Oh, Lord, I reach to You right now
With my spirit, soul and heart,
For I want to only live
By the life that You impart.

Thank You, for Your gift of love to me

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2009



Music: "Up Where We Belong"

Used With Permission

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