To the fabric of my Momma's heart
Today, I rise to treadle li'l soft,
For as I love my Momma sew
I've a notion just to zip across.

To her, I'll treadle li'l measured
Ease and clip her way, to slip,
All pressed to give, a li'l shy, cut up
Stash piled with seemly gifts.

I will treadle li'l wear-ily
Bobbin' dart with reel hole care,
To hook and eye my Momma
Facing up a notch to share.

For when I needle li'l patchin'
Tension looms and I needle li'l love,
I treadle li'l to my Mother
As she needles me to come.

I'll butt-on in her nap to stay
Pressed knot to pin her to uncoil,
To reinforce the bias of my clasp
Firmly latched to her beloved toile.

Thus, today is mounting up a thank you
Sew to finish, I treadle li'l path,
Where the thread of all is underpinned
Gathered tightly in her heart.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2009

God bless you Mother dear
you are sew special





Art piece for top came from

Music: "May The Good Lord Bless You"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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