Alone I'm lost and unhappy,
Longings run through my veins cleaving,
As memories steal through my mind,
Striving to survive your leaving.

In this starlight's masked elegance,
I see life's grand gentility,
And love's sweetest sincerity,
Leaving, gone from reality.

Only left are love's memories,
My constant true longings for you,
Underneath this masquerade of,
Elegance in life's finest view.

How I need love's tender touches,
Love's own familiarity,
Our songs that invariably,
Dream love's desirability.

Instead emptiness grasps minute,
By minute like the twinkling star,
Light in love life's chatoyancy,
That travels distances afar.

I'm lost reaching for you to be,
Silence yields its finality,
As my heart shudders in misty,
Times of ludicrous verity.

Hopelessness rings forth grasping dreams,
From life's hopes on long stemmed roses,
Whispering gently revealing,
Love's torn heart a thorn exposes.

Happiness and reveries gone,
Longings cling deep within my soul,
As love's folly sings tomorrow's,
Respectability it stole.

Loneliness grows melancholy,
Constant absurdities cling true,
Within this masked elegance that,
Speaks so clearly all about you.

Just reaching for your love to be,
Sadness yields its finality,
The triviality of things,
And without you, reality.

© Sondra McPherson
12 February 2010












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Music: "Longing"
Nubeat Music
ARTIST: Daniel B. Kay
ALBUM: "Night Melodies" Copyright ©The Family International
Nubeat Music - Instrumental Albums
Used With Permission

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