Mama, look at the flowers,
See how neatly they grow,
Sister sure did look pretty,
She appeared to just glow.

Mama why do they have so many,
Pretty flowers everywhere,
Did we get them all from the florist,
Do they have any left to share.

I sure do like the flowers and,
The way the petals softly fold,
They are made ever so perfect,
Each one I truly love to hold.

Do you like the flowers Mama,
Is there a tear in your eye,
Mama why do the pretty flowers,
Make you teary and then sigh.

Did you get hurt with a thorn,
Sister said they were clipped away,
Show me where it hurt you Mama,
Let me hold the pretty bouquet.

I don't see any thorns here,
A sticker I just can't find,
Did you get hurt Mama,
Was something said unkind.

You keep looking at Sister with,
A different smile on your face,
Are you just really sad Mama,
Sister's love we'll still embrace.

We'll miss her a lot Mama but,
She is still your precious girl,
Her marriage will be so happy,
She is just adding to our world.

Now look at the beautiful flowers,
See how perfect God made them all,
He made us like the flowers Mama,
You are like the rose, graceful and tall.

I love you my dearest Mama,
You are my special rose,
Your love unfolds with gentleness,
It branches out and grows.

Look at Sister standing there,
She is a mirror image of you,
She too will branch out and grow,
One day she'll give a Mama's love true.

Put a big smile upon your face,
Let happiness forever rule,
We are not losing Sister,
She's adding to our family's pool.

ęGayle Davis
07 July 2009





Music: "Falling In Love Again"

Words & Music By F. Hollander & S. Lerner
Sequenced By Margi Harrell ( LLERRAH, Inc )
Old Codger's Midi Page
Smick and Smodoo's World
Courtesy of Smick and Smodoo

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