Years ago when I was young,
Youthful energy filled my cup,
I was busy as could be,
Seems my spirit was always up.

Walking along the old dirt road,
Bottle caps for checkers I'd find,
A penny would oft' catch my eye,
Thoughts of sweets would fill my mind.

A piece of bubble gum cost a penny,
Hershey Kisses you could get two,
A trip to the old store was inviting,
In my mind it was long overdue.

Racing home to get permission,
Mother just looked and shook her head,
Dishes needed water for washing,
And I had not made up my bed.

Pouting and puffed up like a blow fish,
I snorted, whined and groaned,
Knowing better than to shirk my duties,
My displeasure was intoned.

I saw Mother watching me as,
Water from the well I drew,
Our old dog came walking by and,
On the dog the water flew.

My name rang out in the silence,
I was in trouble once again,
Seems like it always follows me,
Mischievousness was e'er my bane.

Mother met me half way to the house,
She was tired of my impish ways,
She took my shiny new found penny,
Said I could have it in a few days.

Heartbroken and mad as a hornet,
I started down the old dirt road,
There looking up at me was Lincoln,
And a buffalo nickel showed.

Calculating real quick I see,
A soda, bubble gum and candy too,
I just had to get to the store,
That money was burning my pocket thru.

I needed my other penny,
The one Mother put away,
I could buy all three of those things,
Now what could I do or say?

I go back to the house skipping,
Gave her the biggest hug you'll ever see,
I showed her my latest treasures,
Tomorrow she'll walk to the store with me.

Smarty Britches has lost out again,
Shenanigans just don't pay,
Treasured finds along the old dirt road,
Will wait for another day.

ęGayle Davis
22 February 2009





Music "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor"

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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