A little sunshine after the rain
Feeling joy after pain.

A friend calling to say, "Hey!"
After you have been away.

A little piece of pie after the meal
So wonderful it makes you feel.

A word of praise
When feeling down-cast
Your hopes raise.

A gentle breeze on a fevered brow
Makes you feel better some how.

A sip of cold water when thirsty and dry
Brings a smile and quiet sigh.

Glorious color of the setting sun
Awesome to behold when day is done.

A hug from a loving child
Brings joy to your heart
And to your face a smile.

The lilting song of a bird
The sweetest sound to be heard.

Fragrant scent of clean sheets on your bed
Soothing to a tired body when you lay down your head.

The warmth of a blazing fire
After a walk in frigid air.

Flowering buds in Spring
After the Winter snow
Brings to your heart a warm glow.

A hymn of praise sung from a grateful heart
Knowing God will never from you depart.

Little blessings that impact your life
Each and every day
In a most wonderful way.

©Jane Ward Smith
April 20, 2009




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