Life is such heartache today
With everything going wrong,
The more you try to do your best.
Then old satan comes along.

He tells you, you are nothing
He’ll fill your head with lies,
He smirks while people suffer
He is also very sly.

He knows if you love Jesus
And he sends his demons around,
To do anything he can do
To bring that Christian down.

He hates for you to be happy
And singing songs of joy,
That when he attacks you
Enough to make you cry.

He tells you that you are worthless
And you are not loved at all,
He tries to get inside your head
And he loves it when you fall.

But wait, here comes Jesus Christ
Our Lord and King of Kings,
And satan flees for shelter now
He can listen to the angels sing.

Jesus will renew our faith
If we only trust in Him.
He has promised us a mansion
And He promised to be our friend.

The battle is not hopeless now
For the heartaches you and l go through
For we have a true assurance
That Jesus will walk with you.

© Ann Hart














Music: "Blessed Assurance"

Original© Watmanmus
Sequenced By Watmanmus
Used With Permission

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